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Wristwatch - II LP

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Meaner and mightier, Wristwatch returns with the followup to their oft-sold-out debut self-titled LP!

Aptly titled "II", the upcoming album features a more nuanced collection of songs than the first...with a heavier focus on varying the tempos, moods and songwriting. There's even a ballad!

NEVER FEAR all you punk rock aficionados/snobs!!!! "II" still stays true to Wristwatch's signature sound: A hyper kinetic and disfigured backbone chock full of mutated punk rock vertebrates, with searing guitar leads as the cartilage and cacophonous electronic drums as the brittle joints holding the whole thing together. A year of playing shows around the Midwest really morphed the band's DNA quite a bit...with Tyler Spatz's bass playing truly coming to the forefront over the top of Bobby Hussy's signature yowl and guitar mangling on tracks like the leadoff, "Rules" and punk-pop morsel "Sweet Tooth".

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