Wasteland - Want Not 7"

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Originally called the Infested who even got their forth coming release advertised in the 'Zig Zag' independent listings but sadly the band split before the EP was released. After the band had split two bands form out of the ashes, Wasteland and The Ignerents. Ben Challis formed The Ignerents while his brother Tig was the drummer in Wasteland. The bands debut release was a 3 track EP and featured the killer track 'ONO' (included on several compilations such as 'Back To Front', 'Powerpearls', 'Messthetics'...). The next release was a slight change in direction, singer Tony Tarrants left and was replaced by Becky Gale. The a-side took on a Punk back drop with a more of a pop feel with Becky's vocals while b-side is a frenzied instrumental complete with keyboards and a violin of all instruments.

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