Various – The Secret Museum Of Mankind - Guitars Vol. 1: Prologue To Modern Styles LP

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Curated by 78rpm record collector Pat Conte, The Secret Museum of Mankind - Guitars Vol. 1: Prologue to Modern Styles, is the first new volume in the legendary series since 1998. It is also the first volume of the Secret Museum to focus on a specific instrument, the guitar. This new Secret Museum volume seeks to show the diverse range of guitar sounds and styles developed and practiced across the globe. The Secret Museum of Mankind - Guitars Vol. 1: Prologue to Modern Styles presents guitar and guitar related music, recorded across the world from Spain, to Papua New Guinea, Greece to Ghana to India and more. The collection is drawn from Conte’s pioneering and remarkable personal collection of 78-rpm discs, recorded in the 1920’s-1950’s. The album is available via digital download and on vinyl, in a beautiful gatefold package. It includes a liner notes booklet by curator Pat Conte, original drawings of rare and unique guitars in Conte’s collection, by artist Jeff Tocci, and beautifully remastered audio by Don Fierro. Additionally, the interior gatefold design features a selection of historic images of guitarists, also curated by Conte and drawn from his collection. Subscribe to our AV Club! - get this album and all of our albums instantly! via digital download and streaming. Click the AV Club link at the top of this page. Subscribers receive our entire back catalog for download and streaming, new releases, digital mix tapes, live recordings from the Brooklyn Folk Festival and Jalopy Theatre stage, newly made field recordings from around the world, video content, all being released regularly. In addition subscribers get a permanent 10% discount of physical items in the store (vinyl, hats, etc). More about the Secret Museum: “After hours and hours of intense listening, it is safe to say that one could take one's complete education in authentic world music right here… The historical significance of these releases goes without saying, and the quality of the music is enormously high. Mr. Conte has lovingly culled his collection for tracks that would best represent each genre. The listener is rewarded with new insights and revelations with each visit, indeed, this IS a museum. The cumulative effect is inspiring and it is almost impossible not to be transported in one's imagination to the various places and times represented by these tracks.” - Michael Shapiro, RootsWorld

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