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Like a twisted tree trunk seen from a distance, Tyvek’s new LP Blunt Instrumentals form only reveals itself upon closer inspection. The title’s misnomer seems designed to trip up the casual observer as the tracks are neither instrumentals nor are the edges of these punks blunted by undue preparation and polish. These collected recordings were committed to cassette in January 2009 while the band regrouped as a three piece with Kevin Boyer on guitar and vocals, Shelley Salant on bass and Matt Ziolkowski on drums. The songs on the lp were originally released on two extremely limited cassette runs shortly after recording, with 5 tracks also included on the 12” Blunt Instrumental ep released on Night People records. This new LP, released on Ginkgo Records and Doubles Tapes, includes all tracks from the prior cassettes with two additional songs.

During a long weekend holed up in Matt Z’s Aunt’s home on Clark Lake they worked on songs and jammed out into fresh territory. Fitting in well with the Tyvek ethos, the 12 tracks range from short and blistered punk blasts to the fully blasted 10-minute space rock of Cold Sun Blind My Eye. Spun together, the album is a great reminder of Tyvek’s stream-of-consciousness style and passion. Lyrically looser and occasionally off-the-cuff, it also hits with some great tunes. Somewhere in the freezing Michigan winter we find a window opened onto a view of Tyvek creating something memorable beneath the clouds.

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