Split System - Vol. II LP

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Naarm/Melbourne, Australia has been churning out reliable punk rock since the likes of The Chosen Few and Rowland S Howard were kicking about in the late ‘70s. Split System are a band that carry on this tradition into the 21st century.

Cooked up behind the scenes in the covid lockdowns, they seemingly came out of nowhere but sounded like they’d been slamming beers to Saints and Birdman records together and playing gigs for many years.
In their short time on the scene they have demonstrated a knack for combining muscular street punk with classic hooks. Their debut album ‘Vol. 1’ and follow up 7” were described as ferocious and powerful records with amphetamine swagger.

They’re high energy and don’t believe in muddy guitar tones. The band are in their element during their raw live shows. They have shared bills with the likes of Amyl & The Sniffers, Cosmic Psychos, Civic, Bad//Dreems, Hard-Ons, CLAMM, Cable Ties & the mighty C.O.F.F.I.N .

If you like high voltage unmistakably Aussie proto-punk you’ll love this band.

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