Soft Shoulder - It's All a Small World After LP

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Intended to sync up with a return to all of our our normal routines, It's All A Small World After resists the temptation to step away from remarking on the mundane (accidentally collecting cardboard, cutting your hand on plastic, the dog's favorite toys, avoiding potential muggings, keeping the floor clean and the 7th and 8th editions of the groups "Repeat" tracks). Recorded alongside March 2023's Smile Building's Exit, the genres again are simultaneously vague yet synonymous with the group, but with influences that can be easy to pin when the right listener puts the record on. This is where the write-up tries to not reference specific groups (The Fall? Scissor Girls? etc), and instead says the LP pays homage to a hypothetical cross-pollination of the entire Fast Product catalog. Written and recorded by James Fella in late 2021, mastered by John Dieterich.

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