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Physical Congas - Oh, No! 7" lathe cut

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3-song LATHE-CUT 7" EP LIMITED TO 25 NUMBERED COPIES. Hand-assembled, riso-print covers.

Debut EP by Montreal duo Physical Congas. Alexander Ortiz and Adrian Popovich: pop fantasists, children of Colombian and Romanian immigrants, individuals who shared similar formative musical journeys coming up in a pre-internet Montreal. Molded by Musiqueplus, hard-to-obtain punk and indie rock cassettes, illegal 90's all-ages loft-space shows, art school, DIY ethics and a guilt-complex love-affair with pop music, Physical Congas materialized via a spontaneous jam during a Rip Pop Mutant recording session: Eastern European austerity meets South American biodiversity on a usually-frozen island.

Combining effervescent pop melodies, disjointed guitars, beats from semi-functional digital keyboards, and the occasional John Christ-having-a-stroke guitar solo (on Action/Reaction), Physical Congas channel a broad swath of influences like The Clean, German minimalists TRIO, K Records, The Raincoats, and not really any Danzig (although naturally the duo are fans). "Oh No!" is a brief collection of songs about the constant emotional whiplash of our times.

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