Leopardo - Solo Recordings 2019-2022 LP

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"Tasked with creating the idyllic segues of Wes Anderson’s new reboot of The Shining, Romain Savary puts you in a box with a fox, a computer from 1998 and a bottle of port. It isn’t garden variety, it’s simply a garden; there are bulbous purples and meek yellow-oranges, and where they begin and end is anyone’s guess. It isn’t the pastoral Impressionism of the prior Leopardo LP, on which you can almost hear the sunshine, taste the mountain tops. Just as the Velvets often lived in the oblivion of sunbeams, Leopardo knows the finer things in life are quiet anticipation, rigorous conversation on a scenic drive, minneolas, gusts of wind. Like with the band Cheveu (remember?) you can’t help speculating on a film out of tunes like “Temperature”. There are people who enjoy reading Rimbaud on oceanic vacation as much as they like blowing lines off a washing machine in a Midwest winter basement, and this is for that type of lifer."

-Brandon Gaffney

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