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EQUIPMENT POINTED ANKH - Without Human Permission

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Since forming, EPA has focused on a sort of long-form blown out raga, noise, drone vibe with a rotating cast of players joining Marlowe at varying intervals. Within the past 2 years, we've seen this core group of five come together as a unit - Marlowe with Chris Bush (Flanger Magazine, Caboladies, Flower Man), Ryan Davis (State Champion, Tropical Trash), Shutaro Noguchi (Feeding Tube artiste) and Dan Davis (Tropical Trash).

Sometimes it can be a bit cliche to harp on "their new album is a game changer, new direction, etc." I'll admit, I'm guilty of this. But seriously, "Without Human Permission" is an absolute game changer and new direction for Equipment Pointed Ankh. Go listen to as many of their earlier albums as you'd like (it's worthwhile). You still will not be prepared for the record at hand.

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