Dr Sure's Unusual Practice/Benchpress "A Split 7" Between Friends" 7"

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Dr Sure’s Unusual Practice (DSUP) & Bench Press have teamed up for ‘A Split 7” Between Friends’. The first new record since Bench Press’ ‘Not The Past, Can’t Be The Future’ (Poison City, 2019) and Dr Sure’s ‘Remember The Future?’ (Marthouse/Erste Theke Tontraeger, 2021). The future - it seems - is now, with the arrival of 2 fresh cuts from each band. On September 22, a day ahead of the September 23 7” release, the two bands will co-headline The Nightcat in Naarm/Melbourne.

After touring together in 2019, the 7” is a collaboration a long time in the making from two of Australia’s post-punk heavyweights. Having spent most of the interim on hiatus, Bench Press’ emergence showcases a more layered approach to arrangement than previous offerings while maintaining moments of their typical use of wiry space. DSUP on the other hand have had a prolific 3 years (2 LP’s, a 7” and a Cassette release), establishing themselves as unsuspecting spokespeople for a politically engaged generation.

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