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Doc Flippers – Human Pork

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"The good doctor is finally back to flip us on our backs and give us the old one-two-three-four, following a cassette I only knew about and listened to death and onto rebirth after hanging with the boys in Marseille.

These new-age space cowboys take us to the other side of the galaxy with a space shuttle of punk-fuelled psychedelic country… and drop you off into a black hole. The riffs bring the good news of the apocalypse to the new world from the one they left behind. US Maple lightsaber guitars fighting in a Uranium Club? Singer running out of oxygen.

References aren’t required anymore, just like when you hired VHS from the local video store. Take the risk, take the plunge, form an opinion yourself… get your money’s worth, tell me to go to hell and stop reading this.

If Captain Beefheart kept playing punk music and joined Marbled Eye or something, wearing modern, youthful clothes with an iPhone to hang out with some of the deranged, loveable, lust-for-lifers of Leipzig, maybe it would sound like this, but only after pulling him apart and putting him back together as Robocop with a Country Teasers bumper sticker on his metal arse.

Why hire VHS when you can see their amazing video clips, which look like they’ve been directed by Giuseppe Andrews... Doc Flippers are trailer trash cooking bratwurst on top of flaming oil drums... crazy homeless, performance art punk rock." - Nathan Roche

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