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Butchers Dog - Age of Inversion 7"

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Recommended, Cincy's best HC group! Once you hear Cincinnati’s Butcher’s Dog, you won’t forget them. Hard as diamonds and heavy as hell, the band’s debut cassette “Purists Piss Codes” emerged from the miasma of the myriad DIY punk releases in 2021 and singularly grabbed the attention of Violent Pest. More music had to be sought out from them. Fortunately for us they delivered a true gem of a contemporary hardcore banger on their first vinyl outing “Age Of Inversion”. This studio recorded EP cleans up their sound just enough to allow the rapid fire vocals, nimble rhythm section and devastating guitar work to cut through even harder. Comparisons have been made to contemporaries like 80HD and Tupperware but Butcher’s Dog come through with a manic style very much their own. Buy this record, play it as loud as you can, kick the speakers in, repeat.

Five songs on 300 clear, heavyweight (45g), 7” vinyl records. Housed in a heavy duty 7” jacket, includes 7” x 14” lyric sheet.

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