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Following a couple of similarly conceived book releases of the slightly earlier punk period in Aotearoa, veteran gig photographer Jonathan Ganley is set to immortalise the post-punk era of Auckland in his new book CRUSH. Whittling down thousands of photographs to 145 of the most striking, the book spans the years 1982 to 1990, showcasing both local legends such as Fetus Productions, Chris Knox, and Straitjacket Fits, and international visitors, including iconic shows from The Clash, The Fall, and Sonic Youth. Ganley pairs the images with his own written accounts of the era, ensuring this is an essential tome for your collection.

CRUSH – Photos from Post-Punk Auckland looks back at the hard-edged music of the years 1982 to 1990 through the eyes of photographer Jonathan Ganley. With 145 images of 34 groundbreaking local and international bands and musicians, the book showcases era-defining artists such as The Clash, The Fall, The Clean, Fetus Productions, Chris Knox, Straitjacket Fits, and Sonic Youth.

Alongside his evocative analogue images that vividly capture the scene and the times, the book also contains Jonathan Ganley’s eye-witness accounts of the first Auckland gigs by some of the best international post-punk bands, and describes some of his experiences photographing local musicians, on-stage and off.

CRUSH – Photos from Post-Punk Auckland celebrates a decade of innovative music that still reverberates with music fans around the world.

'A good photograph effortlessly transports you back to a specific place and time, and feels like a memory even if you weren’t there. This is particularly true for this collection - Jonathan Ganley’s stage photos place you in the room and it feels like you’re standing beside him, breathing in the same smoke filled air, and having your ears battered by the poorly dressed urchins just a few feet away. A wonderful reminder of the days when photographs were precious things.' - Paul Hanley, drummer for The Fall.

‘Blurred, precise, hopeful, intense; gigs lost in the beautiful haze of youth, dope smoke, and cigarettes. You showed up, you took a few shots, you hoped for the best. Jonathan Ganley’s photographic time capsule of post-punk bands and artists, some living, some dead, reminds us that there was a time when “don’t give a fuck” meant just that. “Black clad cool” never looked (or sounded) so good.’ - Karyn Hay

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