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Zed Zilch - (I'm Not) One of the Boys cassingle

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Who is Zed Zilch? Perhaps the alter-ego of a certain Richmond musician and label guy you might recognize? Okay, lets drop the mysterious charade - this is the debut cassingle from Sam Richardson of Fried Egg, Cement Shoes, Feel It Records, etc. With Zed Zilch, the sound is decidedly not hardcore, and more indebted to strong British songwriters like TV Smith, Mark E. Smith, and Martin Newell mixed with the guitar prowess and rock sensibilities of early US punk like The Weirdos. Certainly a style that's out of vogue in Richmond, with lyrics reeling against the deplorable characters that can run rampant in a sleepy Southern town. Recorded on four track with brother Jed on drums and behind the mixer. Surely this won't be the last you hear of Mr. Zilch. "(I'm Not) One of the Boys" comes packaged in a printed O-card with silver foil labels on "smoky tint" pro-duped cassette tape.

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