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Crime of Passing - S/T LP *Translucent Red Vinyl*

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Second pressing of 300 copies on translucent red vinyl.
Shrinkwrapped in a matte finish jacket with insert + download code.

A stunning combination of style, vision, and execution. Crime of Passing, alongside related projects like The Serfs and The Drin, are at the helm of Cincinnati, Ohio's vibrant post-punk underground. Led by Andie Luman's fervent vocals, Crime of Passing's self-titled debut album is a wondrously textured web of sound. Shades of early 80's post-punk, synth-driven electro pop, and heavier Industrial/Krautrock tones combine across an album both instantly memorable and futuristic. Nine cold tracks for a new dark age.

Released on cassette by Future Shock Recordings.

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