Why Bother? - Lovers and Addicts

Happy Valentine's Day folks! We've got a little surprise for you today - a new digital album from our friends in Why Bother? Lovers and Addicts features six new tracks from the Mason City, Iowa group plus covers of The Suicide Commandos, Beex, and The Heartbreakers! The band has made 25 cassette copies with a mix of songs from their record collections on the B-side. The only way to get one is by emailing them at whybother2021.ppst@gmail.com
This amazing group shows no signs of slowing down, and we've got a new LP of entirely fresh WB? material at the plant right now! Slated for an early Fall release...but more on that later. Enjoy yourselves today!
Why Bother? - Lovers and Addicts
Bandcamp release, including lyrics.

soulless streaming version here.
or listen on Tremendo Garaje!
down to the last box of the debut WB? LP - A Year of Mutations on limited orange vinyl.
Romero album announcement on Tuesday!
Stay tuned for the first single (and accompanying video) from Romero's debut LP! Incredible punk/powerpop sounds from Australia. A co-release with our good friends at Cool Death in AUS, and the first Feel It release where we are also doing a separate Euro pressing to save everyone some shipping coin. Preorders coming tomorrow!
Photo by Izzie Austin.

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