The Toms 1979 Sessions LP out now!

The Toms - The 1979 Sessions LP
"For many years, Tommy Marolda has been a versatile member of the American music industry: a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, composer, Grammy-nominated songwriter...the list goes on. But record nerds like me know Tommy because of a single weekend in 1979. He was scheduled to record demos with the Smithereens in his New Jersey home studio, but their last-minute cancelation gave Tommy a small window to record something of his own. After three days of hitting the record button and dashing back to his instruments, Tommy had more than 30 slabs of pop perfection on tape, 12 of which became his seminal power pop LP 'The Toms'. Other tracks from that weekend session have trickled out via reissues of 'The Toms' over the years, but little did anyone know Tommy recorded enough material to fill up three long players! Presented here are the last of the 1979 Toms sessions. Savor them like the rare commodities that they are."
-Scott Carlson, Tomologist

Stream/purchase on Bandcamp.
Order red vinyl/200.
Order black vinyl.
Made-to-order official Toms t-shirts with the classic design from the self-titled LP, available in both regular and ringer options.
A message from the man himself, Tommy Marolda!
Preorders for new Cowboys + Star Party cassettes shipping soon!
Due to ship in the next two weeks! A brilliant new cassette EP from one of our favorite groups, The Cowboys, and a demo of fuzzy dream pop from newcomers Star Party.
T-shirts for both groups still available as well!
New Feel It shirts + totes!
The new Feel It tee/tote design is perhaps my favorite yet. Designed by Christina P, printed at Lost Woods Print, and modeled by Kat (aka DJ Too Sweet, check her radio show that I sometimes guest on :)
November new arrivals + playlist
The new arrivals for November are looking pretty, pretty good. First up, a large box of records direct from our pals at Lulu's in Melbourne, Australia arrived today after a long journey. The featured import here is the new Sleeper & Snake album on the new Lulu's Sonic Disc Club label. If you missed their first LP, tune in for some dreamy Australian pop goodness courtesy of Al and Amy (also of Terry/Total Control/UV Race). We've also got new releases and restocks from Anti Fade and Pissfart, a limited pressing of synth pop brilliance from Traffik Island, and the new ALTA 2 mixtape from Blow Blood. 
There's a new Spits album for the first time in 9 years, and predictably, it rules. This time featuring young gun Erik Nervous on synth and co-production duties! In the post punk realm, we've got the new album from Belarussian trio Molchat Doma (Morwan fans take note) on Sacred Bones, plus several SBR reissues of pioneering synth composer Mort Garson. The new Patois Counselors album on ever/never is brilliant as ever, great "adult" music via the Mark E. Smith school of composition. Finally, in reissue news we've got the latest batch of Reminder Records releases - quickly a label turning out some of the highest quality 70s & 80s punk/powerpop/glam reissues on the market. This batch features the obscure DC area single from Lazy, a very catchy Brit single from The Daze, and a collection LP from Australia's Dave & Lee! Even more in from quality imprints like Iron Lung, Bitter Lake, LVEUM, and Trouble In Mind.

Perhaps the easiest way to hear a cross section of these tracks is to tune into the new Feel It monthly playlist. This edition kicks off with Jim Ford's "Changin' Colors", a fitting tune for the change in seasons/American politics indeed. Listen to the playlist here.

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