The Cowboy - Riddles from the Universe LP out now!

People! Hey there, third album from The Cowboy is out today! We also repressed their second album from 2020. Josh, Steve, and Drew are the definition of a great three piece band and I'm honored to have 'em back for another album. Packaged in a spellbinding gatefold designed by Brandon Gaffney. It rocks.

From the depths of Cleveland, THE COWBOY return with their third album! Whether you've been a believer since the trio's debut long player on Fashionable Idiots, or are just now tuning in - you've arrived at something great. THE COWBOY have found a formula that truly works and excel at pushing it forward in new and exciting ways.

For the uninitiated, it's a sound steeped in 70s/80s punk and some of the noise rock that's followed. A style both razor sharp and played with a breeze-like efficiency. 13 brilliantly simple and bright bursts of Ohio r'n'r, most clocking in around the 90-second mark. It's almost entrancing how great THE COWBOY are on this masterful third album.

"Riddles from the Universe" is packaged in a gatefold jacket designed by Professor B. Gaffney which folds open to reveal an entire galaxy of imagery and lyrics that tie everything together on this cosmic vinyl album.
Why Bother? - She's Gonna Wake The Dead
a properly October tune, second single from their debut LP out 10/29
new upload with a bonus CURE cover. dig that SYNTH! 

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