Romero announce Turn It On! LP

Folks, here's one sure to brighten your Tuesday morning! We're honored to announce the debut album from Melbourne, Australia's Romero. If you've been following along, you might have heard their downright classic 'Honey'/'Neapolitan' 7" single on Cool Death from 2020. Amazing soulful vocals over buzzing guitar-forward punk/powerpop. We're psyched to team up with Cool Death for the LP - and this is actually the first Feel It release that we're also pressing in Europe, so if you're in the EU or UK and order through Bandcamp, your order will ship from Europe. Anyhow, onto the LP!
Romero - Turn It On! LP
Preorder direct from Feel It.
Streaming options here
Release date: April 8 - preorders expected to ship late March/early April.

A co-release with Melbourne's Cool Death Records.
If you're in AUS/NZ, order from Cool Death!

EU customers: preorder via Sounds of Subterrania (DE) + Sugar & Spice (FR).
UK customers: preorder via Drunken Sailor.
(limited EU pressing Translucent Red vinyl available while it lasts)
Romero - Turn It On! (Official Music Video)
Directed by Triana Hernandez.
The debut full length from Melbourne, Australia’s ROMERO is a burst of hard hitting, punk-laced powerpop. Well informed by the classics and every bit as relevant-as-it-is timeless, "Turn It On!" is a memorable party. An album that captures the vitality of a young band hitting their stride and doing it on their own terms without a single note of indecision. Much in the way that The UndertonesBlondie, and even Big Star debuted with a sense of purpose, ROMERO invite us to eleven tracks of soulful powerpop gold.

Sharp production across "Turn It On!" catapults the impressive guitar work of both Adam Johnstone and Fergus Sinclair to the front of the mix alongside Alanna Oliver’s heart-pounding energy and show-stealing vocal prowess. Anchored by the smooth rhythm pocket of Justin “Murry” Tawil and Dave Johnstone, ROMERO waste no time in showing their hand on the quick-paced album opener ‘Talk About It’ - recalling 80’s powerpop rhapsodies. The title track beckons bodies to the dancefloor with a rich Runaways-like temper that naturally explodes into a fiery guitar solo. Meanwhile ‘Halfway Out The Door’ and ’White Dress’ show off the band’s adept ballad-writing, boasting truly emotional highs, lows and soaring choruses. Those hip to the incredible debut ROMERO single - ‘Honey’ b/w ‘Neapolitan’ (Cool Death, 2020) will be overjoyed to see these relatable anthems recast in the album’s tracklisting.

"Turn It On!" reveals stories of personal striving, restarting, mulling-over the unsaid, resisting control, deteriorating relationships, the emotional throes of uncertainty and celebrating growth through all such experiences. The rollercoaster of life is mirrored by the sonic and lyrical turns ROMERO have crafted into their debut album - a hopeful tonic for whatever you’re going through, and a dose of excitement for what’s to come. 

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