New releases from Disintegration and Waste Man

Another week and another couple releases to share with y'all! All TOMS preoders (sans those including the 7", due next week) have shipped and Heavy Mother cassettes will be going out later today. We just announced a preorder for the debut 12" from Disintegration and have a new Waste Man digital EP and tour dates to share as well!
Disintegration - Time Moves for Me 12"
From the minds of Haley Himiko (Pleasure Leftists), Noah Anthony (Profligate) and Christopher Brown (Cloud Nothings), Disintegration's Time Moves for Me EP transcends the post-punk and synth pop sounds of the past into something entirely new and futuristic. The Cleveland group recorded these four songs in summer 2022 and self-released them on cassette shortly after. Himiko's soaring vocal range carries the EP forward atop a mix of sounds that draw from the worlds of minimal synth, programmed percussion, noise rock guitar, and pure pop melody to create an incredible seventeen minute debut. Feel It is proud to present Time Moves for Me on a vibrant 45 RPM 12" and cannot wait to hear what Disintegration does next!
Disintegration - Make a Wish (Official Video)
Waste Man - S/T EP + March tour dates
(we will eventually have a cassette available for mailorder, though the band will have a tour edition with them at the above dates - Akron is canceled but everything else is ON)

Waste Man return with their first new material since 2021's 'One Day It'll All Be You'. After a move from New Orleans to NYC, the group reconvened at bassist Dylan Siegelman's home studio in Philadelphia to record three new songs. Waste Man's self-titled 2023 EP kicks off with the furious 1-2 punch of "Luck Merchant" and "Changes" - a mirage of punk, noise rock, and avant-independent r'n'r sounds colliding. The six-minute plus jam, "White Horse", winds things down with a boiling, jagged rhythm featuring Sean McGuinness (Pissed Jeans) on auxiliary percussion. Whether this is just a perfect standalone EP, or a preview of something greater down the line - Waste Man yet again embrace an outside-the-box approach, existing in a space where few others dare to venture.
SXSW sets:
3.14 The Far Out @ 2:30pm 
3.18 Fiesta Destructo @ Hotel Vegas 3:30pm 
3.18 Gentrification Station III @ The Parlor 7:15pm 
Choncy hit the road next weekend for a few dates with Pat & the Pissers. We are almost out of the Choncy cassette though you can snag one from the band as well!

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