New releases from Choncy, the Follies, + Corker

Howdy y'all, we have two new preorders up this week - debut 12"s from Choncy and The Follies. The Grazia EP is out now, Corker have a new single, and we also got in yet another repress of Sweeping Promises' first LP. Just starting renovations on the record shop - stay tuned for more updates on that front!
(cover art: Joe Carpenter / single art: Geoff Cochran)
Preorder 12" direct from Feel It (releases March 8)
single premiere: "Dead Meat" at Post Punk
From the foxhole of the Rust Belt, Choncy fleshes out a frenzied, multifaceted approach to punk with their sophomore album, 20X MULTIPLIER. The Cincinnati four-piece delivers an intoxicating 9-song 12” tinged with personality and dumb luck following Community Chest, their 2023 debut on Feel It Records.

20X MULTIPLIER was recorded to tape at The Bomb Shelter in Nashville by Joe and Jack Tellman, providing a raw and unhinged sound. Choncy hones in on their sonic persona by bridging the gaps between angular post-punk and abrasive hardcore, pushing their sound to its absolute limits. With a chaotic mix of relentless bass, sharp drums, splintering guitars, and off-kilter vocals, Choncy provides a glimpse into the grotesque realities of life. Lead single "Dead Meat" shows the group putting their own spin on contemporary punk, segueing into "Default", an anthem for those who will be forever indebted to the neoliberal institutions. The album is filled with profit margins, budget cuts, and man-made horrors beyond your comprehension.

Choncy’s 20X MULTIPLIER displays a maniacal yet ingenious approach to punk that can only be compared to hitting a slot machine jackpot or maybe committing tax fraud and running for the Secretary of Defense. Let this record be a proclamation of what could have been - if only they knew the right numbers to pick.
Dead Meat video (directed and filmed by Liam Shaw)
The Follies - Permanent Present Tense
(cover art: Jess Poplawski / band pic: Alex Mctigue)
Preorder 12" direct from Feel It (releases Feb. 23)
single premiere/interview at Paperface Zine
A new beginning with familiar roots. No matter how you slice it, Permanent Present Tense is a high test trek to the forefront of rock'n'roll's boundless canvas. The Follies have spent a collective lifetime in dark, amplified dives (see: Vanity, Vexx, Ajax, Twisted Thing for more) but their approach here is different, and firmly rooted in the present. Sure, these ten tracks have that compact, New-York-Fuckin'-City drive that's innate to the five boroughs, but let's talk about the sheer quality songwriting and arrangement on display here.

Permanent Present Tense has both the roots and the refinement that transcend the usual debut album. Fashion and genre are thrown down the fire escape in favor of memorable hooks and words that have immense replay value. Think Love and Arthur Lee, or even the Kinks' own Arthur. Brit pop & pub rock shouldered up to the shimmering guitar jangle of Haight-Ashbury, but arranged by Punks. Perhaps you'll remember this album differently, but the one sticking point to the Follies is their collective ability to synthesize the past into the present throughout ten utterly bulletproof tracks.

"Distant Dawn" is the latest single from Cincinnati post-punks Corker, following their 2023 debut album on Feel It. While that album reveled in a dense and dark aesthetic, informed by coldwave and industrial landscapes, "Distant Dawn" is a bright and refreshing take on classic post-punk. Layers of angular guitar, synth, and percussion build upon the strength of Corker's rhythm section, cementing their powerful new live presence as a five piece. Recorded at a countryside farm, "Distant Dawn" finds Corker at their most natural and uninhibited - a wonderful first taste of their forthcoming 2024 album.
Grazia - In Poor Taste EP - out now!
“In Poor Taste” is the debut EP from Grazia - written and recorded by Heather Dunlop and Lindsay Corstorphine. Often referential - In Poor Taste pulls inspiration from the high and low brow, but mostly the low. Grazia pays homage to everything from The Fall to cheap lingerie brands in a campy pastiche of 80’s new wave and pop. In Poor Taste is all about having a lot of fun while delving into your worst, core self.

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