new music from Spllit + Choncy

What's up folks - quick update here before we head down to Gonerfest. Louisiana duo Spllit are back with a new album! Cincinnati's own Choncy also step up the plate with a new single that serves as a nice prelude to their vinyl debut coming early 2024. Both Spllit and Choncy are also playing the Feel It aftershow during Gonerfest - more info on that below. In case ya missed last week's update with Citric Dummies and Sugar Tradition announcements, here it is
Spllit - Infinite Hatch
(cover art by Marance / single art by Schrier Johann)
Preorder LP from Feel It

"Gemini Moods (Return)" premiere at Treble Zine

release date: October 27, 2023
Cut from a magnetic, jagged edge of the Louisiana underground, Spllit open up an entirely new can of worms on 'Infinite Hatch'. A dozen new originals, mined from the minds of Marance and Urq, prove to be quite the follow-up to their introductory 2021 effort, 'Spllit Sides'. Transitioning from home recording project to roadworthy live unit - anchored by Raegan Labat (bass) and Ryan Welsh (drums) has worked wonders for Spllit's style. Their approach to composition remains wonderfully fried - a galaxy of textured sonic synapses, totally wired and deeply imaginative. Yet, in the midst of this collision of sounds, there's beauty. Anxieties transcend into swirling dual-vocal pop art experimentalia, while guitar work taps into something Magical. Spllit's old friend MIDI again contributes to the smokestack of layered tracks, though somehow - IT ALL MAKES SENSE. Crystalline soundscapes from humid human minds. 'Infinite Hatch' is a rare flavor, strikingly different based on how you approach it, yet cohesive. Spllit are triumphant sonic chemists, cooking in the avant-lab that's way, way out there.
Choncy - Default
(single art: Blake Lipper)
Cincinnati’s Choncy is back with their recession breaking single, "Default", just in time for your quarterly earnings review. Approved by your financial advisor and deleted by forum moderators everywhere. Default provides the insight you need going into the final financial quarter. Just don't default.

new CLASS single "Just Another Number"

premiere at Foxy Digitalis

If You've Got Nothing out next Friday Oct. 6 - LPs shipping now!
Gonerfest aftershow this Saturday!
Gonerfesters, see you soon! Lamplighter Lounge have welcomed us back for another late night aftershow. There is a LOT going on that night (including chances to see both Alien Nosejob and Silicone Prairie at other aftershows) so here's some approx set times to help y'all coordinate.
doors: 11:30pm
Alicja-pop: Midnight-12:25
Choncy: 12:40-1:00
The Stools: 1:15-1:40
Spllit: 1:55-2:20
Private Lives: 2:35-end

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