new albums from Wet Dip + Cosmo Jimmy out Friday!

Folks! We have officially reached the end of the line for 2023. Twenty six LPs, two 7"s, and a slew of cassette and digital releases. I am officially ready for a holiday break! Some big things in the works once 2024 rolls around too. Marked down a bunch of back catalog releases this week so have a gander if you're looking for a deal.
Wet Dip - Smell of Money
Singularity. A quality that rarely reveals itself in the overloaded data and screen glow of the twenty-twenties. From deep in the heart of Texas - the trio known as Wet Dip are that jarring, lightning strike of sound like nothing before them. Sisters Sylvia and Erica Rodriguez grew up in the arid, isolated Panhandle region of Texas before making their way to Austin and forming Wet Dip with Daniel Doyle. After meeting Caufield Schnug and Lira Mondal of Sweeping Promises during their time in Austin, Wet Dip made plans to venture up to the Sweeps' new home studio in Lawrence, Kansas to record Smell Of Money, their debut album.

These nine tracks scream something new. The stark honesty of Sylvia's lyrics and vocal delivery, alternating between English and Spanish, is something to behold. Underneath that, Wet Dip treat us to a no-wave ride into the future. No one else sounds like this. You'd even be hard pressed to notice the renditions of the Pixies "Silver" and Gloria Trevi's "Pelo Suelto" in the context of how Wet Dip operates. They reimagine the bland canvas of contemporary Austin into something new, exciting, and jarring. And that's the beauty of Wet Dip, because they do it seamlessly and with a belief in themselves that's not only something to be celebrated, but all their own.

new Cosmo Jimmy single - "Water on the Brain"

out this Friday! LPs shipping asap
Preorder direct from Feel It
Spllit + BEEF on tour!

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