LPs from LYSOL and SPLLIT just announced / out July 30!

Happy Bandcamp Friday everyone. Feel It is joining the party with two album annoucements today - debut LPs from Seattle/Olympia punks LYSOL and Baton Rouge rockers SPLLIT. Please keep in mind that the release date for both LPs is July 30 and preorders will not ship until around that time. The vinyl world is more backed up than ever, so your patience is appreciated in advance. That being said, we have some incredible singles (and music videos for both!) to share today, so let's get to it!
Lysol - Soup for My Family LP
As we break free from the days spent at home, and as the vapid live streams begin to dwindle, the desire for a loud, fast, and loose rock'n'roll sound has never been greater. Well look no further folks, LYSOL are more than just a flammable aerosol cleaner, they're the sonic catalyst for destruction.

A frequent fixture on the Seattle and Olympia scenes, Lysol have steadily made a name for themselves - not only through a stack of previous singles and demos, but as an exceptional live band.
"Soup for My Family", the debut Lysol album, is exactly the moment we've all been waiting for. There's nothing held back in these eleven tracks, not an ounce of bullshit. It's a furious flurry of punk, hardcore, and garage rock. You can practically feel the calloused fingers that created these abrasive guitar licks and powerful rhythm pocket running right up against the most psycho, in-the-red vocals this side of Iggy or Teengenerate. A wailing sax (compliments of former Milk Music-ian Dave Harvey) sends "Soup for My Family" off into the cosmos - and if you can put yourself back together after that, the turntable may as well stay set at 45 so you can flip this sucker over and remember why you fell in love with rock'n'roll in the first place.

"Soup for My Family" is packaged in a full color gatefold jacket adorned with the original artwork of Lysol's own Xtine Lundberg, plus lyric insert, download code, and hype sticker.

This is a Feel It worldwide pressing of 250 Baby Blue vinyl / 500 Black vinyl, catalog #: FEEL IT 58.

Hear the single "C-4"/ preorder on Bandcamp.
Preorder direct from Feel It.
Lysol "C-4" (Official Music Video)
Spllit - Spllit Sides LP
Somewhere out there, a new sound known as Next Level Music exists.
The hot and humid Amite River basin of Baton Rouge, Louisiana is the unlikely, albeit natural inflection point for such a sound - created by a duo with a driving penchant for originality, known as SPLLIT. The story of Spllit begins with a fun challenge of sorts: to write and record split sides of an album in under a day's time. Enter Urq and Marance, and their arsenal of odd-shaped guitars, synthesizers, glass and metal percussive gadgets, marimbas, and so-on.
"Spllit Sides" slowly rises from a cacophony of tape splicing into clear and concrete Next Level Music. Like an acid tableaux vivant ~ a swirling sonic whirlwind of loose and odd time signatures come into play along with the occasional pop sensibility. Originality remains key in Spllit's formula, but let's establish some sonic kinship - maybe a Devolved, Deep South version of The Flying Lizards. Or a deep fried Eno sitting in with The Magic Band. This Heat from a place that's actually hot and has quietly housed eccentrics like The Zoomers for decades.
Freaky shit from a fun(ky) new cloud. Spllit's first album features seven brand new cuts and a fresh coat of ether applied to their previous "Spllit Together" cassette, with a vibrant mastering job courtesy of Caufield Schnug (Sweeping Promises).

Spllit Sides comes packaged in a 20pt. reverse board sleeve with full color insert and download code.

This is a Feel It worldwide pressing of 250 "Amite River Water" vinyl / 500 Black vinyl, cat #: FEEL IT 59.

Hear the single "Heavy Headed Time"/ preorder on Bandcamp.
Preorder direct from Feel It.
Spllit "Heavy Headed Time" (Official Music Video)

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