Leopardo, Spread Joy, and Freak Genes on tour + new Why Bother? single

Hey folks, lots of news this time! If you didn't already see Bandcamp's Cincinnati Punk Scene Report it's worth a few minutes of your time. Very proud of what we've got going on in the Queen City right now. Leopardo have arrived from Switzerland and their US tour begins today! Spread Joy are on the road and have a new music video. Freak Genes get here from the UK soon to tour, and then Gonerfest is upon us. ALSO, a new Why Bother? single from Lacerated Nights is up today, and we'll be back next week with three new things to announce.

Leopardo (Fribourg, Switzerland)
US tour dates

9/7 Boston - O'Brien's Pub
9/8 Brooklyn - Our Wicked Lady
9/9 New Brunswick - Grander Canyon
9/10 Baltimore - Hampdenfest
9/11 DC - The Runaway DC
9/13 Columbus - Cafe Bourbon Street
9/14 Mansfield - The Mothership
9/15 Cleveland - The Happy Dog
9/16 Detroit - Armageddon Beachparty Store and Lounge
9/17 Chicago - tonedeafrecs
9/18 Cincy - MOTR
9/20 Nashville - DRKMTTR
9/21 Chattanooga - JJ's Bohemia
9/23-24 Memphis - GonerFest
9/28 Richmond - Fuzzy Cactus RVA
(poster by Gabrielle d'Alessandro)
Spread Joy - new video for OW + remaining tour dates!
9/7 Mobile - Alabama Music Box
9/8 Birmingham - Firehouse Community Arts Center
9/9 Atlanta - The EARL
9/10 Knoxville - The Mill & Mine
9/11 Cincy - MOTR
9/20 Chicago - Hideout Inn w/ Freak Genes

(Video by Bárbara Baron.)
Freak Genes (UK/Bulgaria) 
US tour dates

9/20 Chicago (5pm) - Bric-A-Brac Records w/ Pyrex
9/20 Chicago (9pm) - Hideout w/ Spread Joy, Man-Eaters, Dangus Tarkus
9/21 Cincy - The Hub w/ The Drin, Tha Retail Simps, R.O.D.
9/22 Nashville - East Room w/ Tower Defense, Invitation
9/23 Memphis - Gonerfest 19 @ Railgarten
9/25 St. Louis - The Sinkhole w/ Screensaver, Freon, Maximum Effort
Why Bother - new single from Lacerated Nights LP 
Back with the second single from the new Why Bother? LP - "Bent Spoon Blues". It's a dark one, but one of the best on the record. Have a listen on Bandcamp or wherever you stream your music. Just waiting on jackets to finish up for this one and then preorders will begin shipping. Stay tuned for a new WB? tape in October as well!

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