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Teenage Cenobite "Live" CS

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Richmond's TEENAGE CENOBITE have risen from humble beginnings as a bedroom recording project into a wild, noisy synthpunk machine. Originally the solo project of Hank Allen, 2019's debut EP, "Rules to Break" became a YouTube overnight sensation, racking up nearly 40,000 views via the Harakiri Diat channel. "Rules to Break" established TEENAGE CENOBITE's style of grungy synthpunk noisewave, both diverse and uncompromising. Since that time, Allen has assembled a full live band, enlisting the rhythm section of fellow Richmond psych-punks SLUMP, amongst others. "Live" is the first group CENOBITE recording, including a few reworked hits from "Rules to Break", along with several new tracks. There's a certain direct and ugly tinge to these recordings that hangs in the same league of noisy damage as the early AmRep catalog run through a contemporary punk/hardcore sensibility - all tightly executed and committed live to eight track tape. Time to get in on the ground floor with TEENAGE CENOBITE as they ascend into the synth-drenched cosmos.

Pro-duplicated edition of 100. Imprinted green shell cassette packaged with double sided J-card in a clear Norelco box.

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