Sanullim - Volume 1: Already Now ('24 RE)

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Debut album by Korean psychedelic fuzz masters and the perfect introduction to Sanullim's unique world. Formed in the early '70s by the three Kim brothers while they were still in University, Sanullim managed to release their first album in 1977 despite censorship, misunderstanding from their record company and rudimentary recording techniques problems. Fueled by piercing psychedelic fuzz guitars, Farfisa-styled garage organ, keyboards and sweet melodies, they created a very unique sound, unheard in Korea at the time. Includes some of their most iconic songs like "Already Now" and "Likely Late Summer" (famous for its inclusion on the Love, Peace & Poetry series). Featuring original artwork in hard cardboard sleeve and sourced from the original masters. Includes insert with liner notes by Hugh Dellar and rare photos/memorabilia.

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