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rocky - s/t LP

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Back in stock and recommended! Black vinyl.

rocky is the new recording project featuring Xanthe Waite (Terry, Primo) and Raven Mahon (Grass Widow, Green Child), and sits at the intersection of all of these bands perfectly: rich with catchy melodies, never quite going where you'd expect and always landing somewhere you want to be.

Their self-titled debut has all the makings of a hit; pristine glitches, booming snares that beckon and hold, heartfelt rickety guitar leads - chords swaying to and fro under their shade, stray strings, mesmerising dual vocals singing and harmonising cryptic lullabies, saxophone hooks and synth sine waves swelling towards shore…the sort of of songs that make you wish for a reprise.

An entrancing concoction of modern post-punk, minimalism and art rocks fascination with the avant-garde with each track revealing a new layer and rewarding those who delve deep into this record with every listen.

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