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R.M.F.C. - Club Hits LP

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Second pressing on black vinyl with silver foiled jacket.

For those who read these things without listening first, you might ask: what does this R.M.F.C. sound like?
Let’s stay with the overused descriptors – I think R.M.F.C. is rock music band, more specifically a post-punk band.
Indulge me.
If you could say anything about post punk it means post-Wire, who were past punk before punk had an opportunity to codify and become everything brilliant and stupid that we’ve spent 40 years unpacking.
Wire unpacked punk immediately and spent three perfect albums mapping what comes next – their “long awaited debut” came after a pub rock punk phase… and entered into the world of angular guitars and arctic ice feel.
Wire’s opening Pink Flag jab – Chairs Missing straight – and 154 hook knockout has haunted the mixing desks of ambitious post-punk bands since, and every major city in the western world has at least one Pink Flag band, one Chairs Missing band, one 154 band.
Few bands manage to sound like all 3 records, but R.M.F.C. are rock music fan club…

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