Patois Counselors - Enough: One Night At The Daisy Chain CD

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Coming up on a decade as one of the country’s premier post-punk units, Patois Counselors show no sign of slowing down. In advance of its third album Limited Sphere, Patois Counselors drop One Night at the Daisy Chain to whet the appetites of those who crave only the finest in tense tunesmithery. Led by Bo White, the Counselors have swelled to a sextet; but for a band of this size, the music remains stripped of excess and White’s songs are given ample room to shine. As this session demonstrates, Bo writes some absolute gems. Recorded and mixed by Ian Rose at the Daisy Chain in Brooklyn, One Night captures the band in the midst of a short tour, firing on all cylinders, taking no prisoners and laughing all the way to the (blood) bank. One Night at the Daisy Chain functions as both a career retrospective and a teaser for the forthcoming LP. Highlights from PC’s previous albums (Proper Release / The Optimal Seat) get another lease on life as the band breathes fresh air into tracks like “Modern Station,” “Repeat Offender” and “The Galvanizer.” If new cuts like “Ranking Set,” “What’s The News” and “Fountain of UHF” are any indication, Limited Sphere will complete Patois Counselors’ hat trick of stellar full-lengths. And that album—just like those preceding it—will be released into the world via Ever/Never Records. Switch on that turntable and get out your spyglass: Limited Sphere looms into view Spring 2024

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