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36 pages full of in-depth / long-form interviews with musicians across the globe! We chatted with the Melbourne five-piece Civic, who are at the height of their powers. The punk rockers' debut album, Future Forecast, released last year via Flightless Records, is an impressive and unholy rush of unhinged garage punk, propulsive noise rock and scuzzy pub rock. We got a hold of Flat Worms frontman Will Ivy who takes us behind the sessions of their most recent Steve Albini-recorded album, Antarctica, and what they’re looking forward to ahead of their upcoming European tour. The New York City-based musician May Rio took us into her "cozy cell," where she reexplores intimate bedroom pop with a melodic sweetness. We caught up with the Los Angeles psych rock outfit Levitation Room during their tour last year. Singer and bassist Rose Vastola of UV-TV gives us insight on the making of her trio's latest self-produced album, Always Something. We geeked out with Connor Benincasa, aka Comfy, about power pop and his sprawling progression as a DIY musician. There are also interviews with Ariel Motto’s chilly synth-wave solo moniker Club Music, the Rochester-based power trio The Ginger Faye Bakers, and Harry Green of Melbourne's constantly growing experimental band Mouseatouille.

More goodies include another exclusive comic from artist Sam Fratto, album reviews, and the segment, What's Spinning, where we feature musicians recommending us albums they've had on rotation.

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