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Morwan - Svitaye, Palaye LP

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First pressing of 540 copies on Black Vinyl. Shrinkwrapped with insert.

EU customers, we highly recommend ordering from: https://shop.soundsofsubterrania.com/?labels=feel-it&release=morwan-svitaye-palaye-87304

'Svitaye, Palaye' is the third album from the Kiev, Ukraine post-punk project, Morwan. The album was supposed to be the logical continuation of the previous album 'Zola-Zemlya', which was released in 2020.

Initially, when conceiving the album in 2021, it was intended to be lighter, melancholic and somewhat danceable while maintaining the basic sonic style and aesthetics of the previous albums.

However, the Russian invasion in Ukraine slowed down the work and made serious changes to the general idea of the album. The main theme of the album is the war. There are no specific stories or descriptions of the events of the war. It's more of an abstract and emotional thing. First impressions, moods or emotions experienced during certain events. Pain of loss, sadness, fear, hatred, anger, and aggression are all part of 'Svitaye, Palaye'.

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