General Speech

General Speech #10

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Recommended! In this issue, Mune from Japanese hardcore legends PAINTBOX talks openly and emotionally about his early punk days, Paintbox, Chelsea's passing, and much more.

Chile's premier fuzzed out hardcore punk phenomenon IGNORANTES gives us the scoop on their decade long history, and pessimistic outlook on the world.

Photographer David Hoffman talks about the 1983 Stop The City protests in London, the importance of protest, and shares the story of the events surrounding the photography used on CHAOS UK's iconic Short Sharp Shock LP, with unseen photos!!

EY from XA RECORD, gives a fascinating interview about punk and new wave in Japan in the late 70s/early 80s, his label XA RECORD, and the mysterious band DIE ÖWAN, arguably the best label and band you've never heard of!!

Interviews with cult Belgian hardcore favorites PRIVATE JESUS DETECTOR, early 80s Tucson maniacs CORPORATE WHORES, UK82 legends CHAOTIC DISCHORD, and early UK political punks FALLOUT and SIX MINUTE WAR should appeal to those looking for raw blasts from the past.

And finally, you can read about the best hidden gems, B-sides, and unreleased tracks in the sprawling catalog by the best punk band in the world, THE DAMNED!

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