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Findom - Pay, Pig LP

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Findom know a thing about Britain’s death drive. They know that morbid fascinations of bad faith, morose binds and slow crawls have led us here. Their debut tape confronts the conceit of class deterioration, clashing together energies of No Wave, Jazz, Dub and Goth into a work that, through part satire and part protest, has the hooks to fight back. We are left with five tracks self-described as anti-jazz with an overarching structure that feels like a Killing Joke inspired noir thriller, where moments of dark aggression are sonically punctuated by open stretches of rhythmic disorientation.

Findom’s culture cut thematically spans from right-wing dogwhistles weaponised against the LGBTQ+ community, to the brutal axe murder of private investigator Daniel Morgan at the hands of the MET police in the back of a Sydenham pub carpark. Disparate narratives of modern Britain, and the unearthed spectres of power’s hypocrisy, align into a vision of the individual seeking reprieve in a UK of isolation, too scared to talk and risk recognising the blood-by-association on their hands. Under this psychosexual servitude to the matriarchal dominatrix, anything foreign is cut and a perverted simulation of the past is rendered pristine. To this, Findom ask is this really submission if we never put up a fight in the first place?

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