Happy Tapes

Cloud Ice 9 - Circus St. LP

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"This second Cloud Ice 9 LP is freaking me out. I'm murky on the details, here's the clues I've been able to glean; it's a Happy Tapes joint, seems to maybe be a Happy Tapes family band type affair, the person behind Body Clock is in here (still thrash that Body Clock tape btw, essential for anyone interested in rotting cyclical tape music). They're big on costumes.

Musically this album GOES PLACES. We've got a bit of drum-machine boogie rock a la old favs Nightclub, a kind of cybernetic Country Teasers vibe sometimes, hard turn into bedroom-Vangelis tinged stadium rock. All really beautifully cohesive despite the sudden twists.

Aesthetically it feels like a bad trip in Second Life. There's a narrative here I'm still picking away at, but is engrossing to be inside.

Ideologically Circus St reminds me of the Zingers album insofar as it's a world unto itself, content to just do it's own thing and wait for people to catch up (though admittedly not nearly as full of contempt for everyone else as the Zingers LP lol). I hope they do catch up, I wanna talk to more people about this album." -Lulu's

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