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Beige Banquet - Ornamental Hermit LP (brown)

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Beige Banquet are a London-based five-piece playing a bleak yet high-powered style of dark punk. Underpinned by a propulsive and motorik rhythm section, they combine robotic and percussive vocal deliveries with industrial textures and abrasive guitars to create frantic and driving sound. The band are set to release their sophomore album 'Ornamental Hermit', and first as a full band, on the 13th March 2024.

Produced by Beige Banquet with the help of engineer Matt Green (Sniffany & The Nits, Artefact, Joanna Gruesome) at Head Cold Studios and mixed and mastered by David Forcier (Civic) ‘Animals’ captures the band in a professional studio environment, moving away from the lofi bedroom recordings of previous releases, the studio provided a perfect environment for the band to develop compositionally and explore a more textural approach.

Combining layers of noise and bursts of saturated percussion, with a driving rhythm section, ‘Ornamental Hermit’ features a rich and more dynamic sound and captures the raw power of the Beige Banquet live show for the first time.

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