Zits LP + Generics 7" reissues announced + represses

Hello again, what a crazy week since our last update. The Sweeping Promises album sold through it's entire initial pressing of 400 copies in a mere five days! I've been working literally around the clock to ship everything out and line up some more upcoming releases. There is something crazy like seven Feel It releases, including represses, at the pressing plant right now! We are pleased to announce two early 80's punk reissue projects today -
The Zits Back in Blackhead LP and The Generics Cost Cutter 7" EP.

In addition to those new releases slated for a 9/25 release date, we are also offering represses of the following titles: 
Sweeping Promises Hunger for a Way Out LP (100 orange/white marble + 300 black) 
Cold Feet Punk Entity 12" (100 on coke bottle clear)
Pleasure Leftists The Gate LP (100 on metallic gold)

You'll find more info on everything below - thanks for all of the support during these crazy times. Stay well out there! -Sam
The Zits - Back in Blackhead LP
Preorder: Clear vinyl LP/100 w/ extras.
Preorder: Black vinyl/300.
Stream four preview tracks/preorder digital on Bandcamp.

The Zits were a short-lived phenomenon, forming in February 1981 and disbanding upon graduation from Oakton High School in late May. Initially dubbed Nic Beery and The Zits, the group quickly shortened things to The Zits while rehearsing and playing a mix of basement parties, high school events, and community centers. Within a few months, The Zits had a solid repertoire of punk originals and covers, which included The Ramones and The Undertones (see track 5 for a great version of "Can't Get Over You"). Inspired by a classmate who had pressed a solo 45, The Zits pre-sold copies of their very own single, and booked time at Eastern Recording in Glen Burnie, Maryland to record their two strongest tracks. Produced by Scott Wilson of regional new wave act The Intentions, the two tracks - "Sick on You" and "Beat Your Face" were quickly mixed and sent off to be released as a 45 on singer Nic Beery's own Olympic Records. Both tracks are total teen punk hits with great snotty vocals, crunchy guitar, keyboard, and some of the best dry heaves ever committed to tape! Nearly 40 years later, the single - and it's appropriately low-brow picture sleeve - has gained a reputation as a bonafide Killed By Death/Bloodstains-comp level hitter, and appears here remastered from the original 8 track tape.
But that's not all! The Zitmusic archives yielded an incredible cache of unreleased cassette material taken from rehearsals and live shows. "Back in Blackhead" also features 7 previously unheard cuts, including what could have been the second Zits single - the killer "Bertha Was a Slut", the warped twelve bar "No Dough Blues", and several other exuberant teenpunk anthems. The Zits may have not had the sex or the drugs, but they certainly tackled the rock'n'roll better than most other class of 1981 bands can claim. After receiving a promo copy of The Zits 45, Greg Hawkes of The Cars replied via postcard, "I played your record and thought it was pretty ridiculous." Thankfully that ridiculousness has been preserved on "Back in Blackhead" - the ultimate Zits collection.

"Back in Blackhead" includes a printed inner sleeve featuring liner notes from Zits members Nic Beery + Bill Sykes and tons of unreleased photos & ephemera from the Zitmusic archives, plus a download code with bonus tracks, and "1981 World Tour" sticker.
Did you say mockumentary?! Well sometimes you just happen to reissue a band whose singer owns an Emmy-nominated video company. Just click play and prepare to laugh it up.
Official "1981 World Tour" shirts here.
Another very cool thing that the band has decided to do is donate their artist share of sales from preorders to the NAACP. All preorder customers will also be entered into a raffle to win an original stock copy of the "Sick on You" 7"!
The Generics - Cost Cutter 7" EP
Order black/white marble vinyl/100 here.
Order black vinyl/300 here.
Stream two preview tracks/preorder digital on Bandcamp.

The Generics were a group shrouded in the darkest corners of punk rock obscurity. Only 200 copies of their lone 7" single, 'The Bitt' b/w 'Cost Cutter' were pressed in 1983 - with the majority of copies being pre-sold and distributed to...get this - their Junior High School classmates! It wasn't until 2019 that a collector turned up a copy of the 7", eventually locating a band member that had the foresight to copyright the record back in '83. A grip of stock copies from the band began to circulate, blowing away even the most seasoned punk rock collectors. "How the hell has this never been comped on a volume of Killed By Death?!" was a thought surely echoed among those that were hipped to the record. The story behind the band is just as great.

The Generics formed in Cross Lanes, West Virginia - a small town surrounding Lake Chaweva, just outside the state capital of Charleston. It was a tight-knit scene of bored kids growing up in the early years of Reagan-era America. Early skateboard culture - and it's close ties to punk rock - became a major influence on the three 12 year olds who would form The Generics, their first band. They bummed money at school and cut grass to buy gear, playing to their classmates in the Junior High gym, at parties, half pipe jams - wherever and whenever they could. With the help of a couple older siblings, the band booked one day at Barnhill's Recording, just over the state line in Ashland, Kentucky. They recorded seven tracks total - picking 'The Bitt', written about a classmate's deranged mother who bred Shih Tzus and the harder rocking 'Cost Cutter' for the single. After pre-selling enough 7"s, the band returned to Barnhill's who pressed up 200 copies on their studio label. Shortly after the release, guitarist Steve Sadler's family picked up and moved out of state, putting an end to the group. However, The Generics left behind a few tracks from the Barnhill's session, the best two of which have been rescued from tape and included on this expanded reissue EP for the first time ever.

The "Cost Cutter" 7" EP is packaged in a hand-stamped picture sleeve featuring an insert with photos and band history given by all three original members, plus a download code. 
Represses available for preorder now!
Sweeping Promises Hunger for a Way Out LP
-Orange/white marble vinyl/100
-Black vinyl/300
-Official album design t-shirt/made to order
We will be back on September 9th with two more NEW album announcements/preorders!

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