Spread Joy + Waste Man LPs out now ~ Morwan LP repress ~ Sweeping Promises Chari-tee shirt

Happy Bandcamp Friday everyone! We have two new LPs out today from Spread Joy and Waste Man. All preorders (with the exception of those including Spread Joy t-shirts) have shipped!
In the repress department, the brilliant post-punk sounds of Morwan are alive again on a new pressing of the Zola-Zemlya LP. That repress is due to begin shipping in the next 2 weeks, along with yet another pressing of the Sweeping Promises LP. Speaking of SP, we're thrilled to announce a new official t-shirt design, with net proceeds being split between two great organizations of the band's choice. 
Spread Joy - Spread Joy LP out now!
The thrilling debut LP from Chicago's Spread Joy has arrived! If you missed their live stream set earlier in the week, then have yourself a little record release party with the band right here (starting around the 28:30 mark). I think Spread Joy play the entire 10 song LP in the set, plus a couple brand new ones!

The Lemon Drop Yellow vinyl pictured above is nearly gone from us, but copies will be with Sorry State, Green Noise, Reckless (Loop location), Sounds of Subterrania (EU), and a few others in the coming weeks. 

Lemon Drop Yellow vinyl LP | Black vinyl LP | T-shirt
Music video for "St. Tropez/Semantics"
Waste Man - One Day It'll All Be You LP out now!
When I think about style - a city that immediately comes to mind is New Orleans. I might even go as far as saying that NOLA is America's most culturally significant city, and has the musical legacy to back that claim up. Waste Man came to me with a rough idea of what they wanted to do with this album, and I do believe we landed at quite an original and powerful conclusion - bursting with style. For sure one of the most musical and nuanced hardcore/punk records I've ever touched. 
Limited white vinyl is nearly gone - and the boys have turned in one heck of a fun ride through the bayou with the brand new video for "Pariah"!

White vinyl LP | Black vinyl LP
Waste Man - Pariah (Official Music Video)
Morwan + Sweeping Promises LP represses shipping soon!
Back by popular demand, we've got two 2020 faves that both hit in totally separate, but relevant realms of the post-punk spectrum. Shipping out in 1-2 weeks!

Morwan's Zola-Zemlya is back again on Opaque Forest Green vinyl. Aside from a minor tweak on the insert, this is identical to the first pressing with a black polylined dust sleeve and hype sticker included.
[Bandcamp] [Green vinyl LP]

Sweeping Promises' Hunger For A Way Out is back for it's seventh pressing. This record is clearly the Energizer bunny of Feel It releases, and we're happy to be the one keeping it in print. 
[Bandcamp] [Black vinyl LP]
Sweeping Promises - Aya Miyake "Chari-Tee" shirt
A special Bandcamp Friday preorder (that will last through April 16). Many have asked, and Sweeping Promises have gracefully obliged - an official new t-shirt design! Japanese artist Aya Miyake was commissioned for the design and did a brilliant job. 
Not only is this an awesome new shirt, it is a "chari-tee" - with all net proceeds being split evenly between two very worthy organizations chosen by the band.
  • Free Lunch ATX - Free Lunch is meal support program and magazine whose main focus is on the health of those who are experiencing homelessness in Austin, Texas. (ATX is Sweeping Promises' new home base, by the way!)
  • Red Canary Song - the only grassroots Chinese massage parlor worker coalition in the U.S. There are over 9000 workplaces like these across the country with no political representation, or access to labor rights or collective organizing. We also organize transnationally with Asian sex workers across the diaspora in Toronto, Paris, and Hong Kong.
Preorder on Bandcamp or the Feel It site.
Estimated shipping time: late April/early May.
That's it for now. If yer in need of some hot new mixes for spring, our friend Steve Chainsaw has been churning 'em out like a pro! Enjoy the weekend, viva la vax, etc. -Sam

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