Qlowski "Quale Futuro?" LP announcement

Hey folks, some big news to share today! Last week we welcomed London's Qlowski to the label, and today we're excited to announce their debut LP, Quale Futuro? This is a co-release with outstanding folks at Maple Death Records, who will be handling the UK/EU pressing. Just a couple things to note before getting to the incredible first single off this record.

-the release date for this record is June 4th. Be prepared to wait 8-10 weeks for your order to ship if you preorder now. If you're waiting on a Spread Joy or Waste Man LP preorder, those will be shipping next week so it is best to create a new preorder for the Qlowski LP or shirts.
-yes, this is a bit pricier than some Feel It releases due to the deluxe packaging, which includes a 28 page offset printed 5.5"x 8.5" zine, additional lyric insert, 24pt. heavyweight reverse board sleeve, black poly lined dust sleeve, and hype sticker. whoa!
Qlowski - "Quale Futuro?" LP announcement / preorders
Qlowski - A Woman
Talk about a single! "A Woman" is an immediate hit, drawing on the classic UK post-punk sound with a propulsive pop drive, loud & clear production, and style in droves. This whole record is a look towards the future - and sounds the part! My friend Tracy at Turntable Report (if you're not subscribed, hit that link!) was kind enough to contribute some words on the single.

"A contemplative voice rises out like steam over a shimmering synthesizer. “A woman like me should be strong enough to let it go, to let it flow. And I tried, I’m trying, and I tried." You don’t have to know musician Cecilia Corapi of Qlowski personally to feel her exhaustion expressed on "A Woman". Poet Nayyirah Waheed succinctly describes this kind of empathy in her 7 word poem: “all the women. in me. are tired.” Her kettle quickly reaches its boiling point. Corapi’s singing erupts into stylized splashes of color atop a monochrome soundscape of agitated post-punk. A tug of war plays out between two distinct tones: the deflated inner voice versus the buoyant force to keep going projected outward. A moving target bass line in stark contrast to carefully placed guitar pin pricks mirrors her bubbling unrest. Corapi goes on to sing “Lost. Left out. Forgotten. Erased” and invokes the restless melodies of no wave icon Lizzy Mercier Descloux brushing up against Patti Smith’s timeless somber aura. For anyone who has ever felt diminished or discouraged but still knows their true value, “A Woman” reminds us artfully that we are not alone. - Turntable Report
Qlowski - A Woman (Official Music Video)
[premiere at CVLT Nation]
some catalog titles available again!
To end, we just got a distributor return on some Feel It catalog titles - mostly first pressings too!
Highlights include Pleasure Leftists "The Gate" LP (we also just got some of the very limited 'EPs of PL' collection LP), The Cowboys "Bottom of a Rotten Flower" LP on blue/100, and Slump + Cold Feet LPs on black vinyl which we only did 320 of each.

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