New records from The Cowboys + Cold Feet out now!

Hey there, uh what day is it? I'm pretty sure everyone's concept of time is a bit blurred right now, but today happens to bring us new records from The Cowboys and Cold Feet. Good news, right?! The Cowboys return with a fresh new 12 track album (their fifth overall & third for Feel It), titled Room of Clons. Color vinyl is gone for that one, but in addition to the new album, we've run a third pressing of 2019's The Bottom of a Rotten Flower, this time on opaque blue vinyl limited to 100 copies. We're also psyched to welcome Baltimore's Cold Feet to the label with the release of their Punk Entity 12". Still some cool yellow/black swirl vinyl left on that one. Look for a shipping confirmation ASAP if you preordered. In the meantime, both new releases are up on all the streaming services and Bandcamp.

Up next, we've got the Days of a Quiet Sun LP/CD comp in production. 11 tracks of archvial '66-'68 garage/soul/psych/rock from Virginia! Since it seems like the rest of 2020 is totally up in the air, I have not committed to any other releases for the remainder of the year. But that could change...

Out with the old and in with the new! Just in time for Spring we have a fresh album from The Cowboys - now spread between their hometown of Bloomington, to Chicago, and Cincinnati. "Room of Clons", their fifth album, is possibly the group's most ambitious and diverse body of work to date. Those familiar with The Cowboys' previous output for Feel It - most notably 2019's "The Bottom of a Rotten Flower", will be well acquainted with the group's penchant for songwriting across the upper echelons of contemporary garage, punk, & powerpop. "Room of Clons" asserts itself as a varied hallmark of stylistic prowess, ranging from The Cowboys' trademarked Midwestern punk odes of previous work, all the way to a massive postpunk-leaning hit (yes, you're reading right) backed with a snarky pop number accented with kazoo that would surely please even Ray Davies himself. Further along, we're treated to several tracks with frontman Keith Harman taking the lead on piano, propelling his otherworldy vocals to the same towering clouds that Scott Walker and Emitt Rhodes occupied in '69 & '70. "Room of Clons" stretches even further, but never strays from attention, as The Cowboys delve into new, exciting, and largely uncharted territory - perhaps their most abstract work, but just as worthy as their now towering discography that never ceases to impress.

Order Black vinyl first pressing of 550
Stream/download on Bandcamp.

Order third pressing of The Bottom of a Rotten Flower
(blue vinyl limited to 100 copies)

John Waters once said, "The only thing I wanna be is a negative role model for a whole new generation of bored youth." Well, perhaps Baltimore's Cold Feet were the generation that picked up on those sage words, and have crafted their own trashy, hardcore punk anthems on "Punk Entity". Following a promising debut 7" EP and several cassette releases, we find Cold Feet at the height of their game with eight completely scorching tracks. Caught somewhere in the crosshairs of the early 80's USHC craze, like the odd New Englander cousin who caught as much X-Claim! as Mutha Records bands - Cold Feet harness the power of "Get It Away" era SSD, steal the reckless abandon of the first couple N.O.T.A. 7"s, and indulge the bohemian sense of humor that Adrenalin O.D. rocked. These guys are complete underdogs, the secretly smart idiots that allow their guitar player to be Jim Lahey for a Halloween gig and still completely blow the place apart. Cold Feet are here to show ya that they're one of the most true-to-form hardcore bands of contempo HC punk and hammer the point home with "Punk Entity".

First pressing of 400 copies packaged with a double-sided two color risograph insert, download code, and hype sticker in reverse board 20pt. jacket.

Order Orange w/ Black swirl vinyl (edition of 80)
Order Black vinyl first pressing of 320
Stream/download on Bandcamp

New and notable arrivals
 in the distro!
Fortunately during quarantine times, it is nice to be neighbors with the esteemed Beach Impediment label. BIR has just released another fresh Vanity 7" single (from the same session as the Anticlimax 7" on Feel It), as well as two of 2020's best new HC releases from Laffing Gas and Muro! We also have another shipment of the brilliant debut Romero 7" on the way from Cool Death. If you missed it the first time, here's your chance to get on board with one of the best new powerpop/punk releases I've heard in ages. We've also got copies of the excellent new Use Me EP from Hank Wood and the Hammerheads - another great entry in their outstanding discography. Also new on the site we've got hot new releases from Whip, MSPAINT, Smut, Freon, & more!

As you may have already seen or expected, the Feel It 10 year anniversary bash is canceled. We even got Mr. Jon Taffer (Bar Rescue) to tell ya that it's shut down! There are no plans to reschedule at this point in time. Damn you, COVID-19! Maybe an 11th anniversary bash will have to do. The tours that The Cowboys and Cold Feet were planning around their new records have also both been canceled.

But hey, I made a Spotify playlist of some of my favorite tunes from Feel It releases over the past 10 years. Have a listen here. That's it for now, keep yer spirits up and put on a good record or three. Until next time...

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