New music from the Drin, Corker, and Beef

Happy new year and welcome to the first update of 2023. The scene here in Cincinnati is cranking out new music at an incredible pace and we are super excited to share fresh material from the DrinCorker, and Beef with y'all. Corker, Flea Collar, and Smirk are all touring soon - see below for dates!
The Drin - Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom LP
Way out there. From up in the attic, in the village of Cincinnati - the third album from the Drin has arrived to commence 2023. Cold rhythms reverberate through the layers of tape spliced together by Dylan McCartney and his impressive cadre of musical companions. The Drin spawned from a debut cassette edition of 50 on the Future Shock label, since teaming up with both Drunken Sailor and Mangel to issue two LPs. Their loose, careening live unit features members of Corker, Crime of Passing, the Serfs and Fruit LoOops.

'Today My Friend You Drunk the Venom' is the Drin's finest hour as a creative entity. McCartney's incredible command of rhythm lies at the forefront of the mix, complimented by a group that is able to seamlessly transport between post-punk, acid guitar jangle, and krautish experimentalism. There's even a stellar dub track on here. As much as contemporary artists tend to flaunt their affinity for the past - it's entirely worthless to apply such trappings to the Drin. Their genre-expansive abilities and deep knack for rhythm and layering are something entirely new and futuristic. Ohio has never sounded so close to outer space.

first US pressing of 500 black LPs packaged in a reverse board gatefold jacket with download code.
ships around the release date of January 27.

UK/EU pressing available from:
Cassette available from:
Corker - Lice single
One of Cincy's most exciting groups to emerge in the past few years - we are super excited to welcome Corker to the label! "Lice" is the first taste of their debut LP which will be out mid-2023. On tour starting this Friday, keep scrolling for more info!
BEEF - D.N.A. single
A few months back, I joined up with a couple other Richmond expats and the legend, John Hoffman, to round out the Cincinnati lineup of BEEF. We just finished recording what will be a very cool 45 RPM 12" out later in 2023. Here's a taste of BEEF :)
Flea Collar, Corker, and Smirk on tour in January!

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