New music from Class, Delivery, and Private Lives!

Hey y'all, settling into a busy Fall of new releases - here's what's new this week!
Class - Epoca de Los Vaqueros LP preorder
CLASS are back with eight new tracks on their debut LP, out October 28!
Check the premiere of "Cockney Rebel" at Paperface Zine.
Preorder direct from Feel It.

Class of Tucson AZ - instantly familiar, idiosyncratic to the max, a glorious collision in which several of American punk’s leading lights emerge from their vehicles unscathed (though I make no promises for the rest of you, see below). What more can I say about 2022’s most eagerly anticipated full-length album? ( a bit more as it turns out, which is fortunate as my fee is pretty expensive, onerous, even)

These songs have the requisite crunch / glue ratio and more than anyone else in their idiom, remind me of moments that don’t happen nearly enough, in rock, in life, when your eyes are closed, anywhere. I don’t think it’s a huge stretch to presume the persons responsible for these gems are keen students of the last 40+ years of underground/overground sounds (the good shit anyway), but there’s a singular voice, a defined worldview if you will, somehow cutting through our bland, brutal, grim as fuck moment in history. If you think I’m building Class up a bit much, I can promise you this — there’s at least a half dozen people I know who will hear this record and immediately fall into the throes of a deep depression because they’re _not in this band_ . And if you’re wary of being hyped-2-death, spare a thought for me for just a minute. I’m the one who’s gonna have to talk them off a ledge (figuratively, it’s mostly single stories in this part of the country).
-Gerard Cosloy
new Delivery single from Forever Giving Handshakes LP
Our Aussie friends in Delivery are back with "The Complex", the second single from their upcoming debut LP. This single shows the kind of songwriting maturity that few young bands can collectively muster and really speaks to the quality of this album. ALSO, good news on the vinyl. The pressing plant initially told us that the records wouldn't be run til late November, but as it turns out the LPs just finished pressing! Preorders should be going out before the end of this month :)
Private Lives - S/T CS out next week!
Excited to introduce one hell of a new punk band from Montreal - Private Lives. Their debut 5 song cassette will be out next week on the 11th, coinciding with a release show supporting Snooper, Silicone Prairie, and Tha Retail Simp$! Cassettes begin shipping on Friday!
Hear the lead single "All the Queen's Men" on Bandcamp.
Order cassette direct from Feel It.
Silicone Prairie and Romero on tour soon!

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