new Disintegration single + 25% off sale this week!

Hey y'all, quick update this week. We have a stellar new digital single from Cleveland's Disintegration (part of a new LP that will be coming out on Feel It later in 2024). Doing a big 25% off sale for the rest of this week to help with the final push towards getting our physical location ready to open. Also have a bunch of high end and audiophile pressings listed on Discogs. We'll have a table at the Northside Record Fair in Cincy on the 30th too. Finally, shipping now and out this Friday: the new 7" EP from Lysol and yet another Why Bother? LP
Disintegration - In Your Diary
A taste of their forthcoming 2024 album, "In Your Diary" by Disintegration approaches the worlds of synth pop and electronic post-punk from a unique vantage point. Processing instrumentation and vocals through synths and pedals, the Ohio group quickly made an impression with 'Time Moves for Me', their debut EP. Returning to those novel means of composition, Disintegration have produced an instantly memorable (and danceable) single, with Haley Himiko's fervent chants of "Get closer" propelling "In Your Diary" from start to finish.
25% off sale this week!
Sale runs until 12AM EST on March 25. Discount automatically applied at checkout. Excludes preorders and new arrivals but everything else is fair game! Shop here.

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