Morwan + Smarts albums out now!

Good morning from Richmond, good afternoon from Kiev, and good evening from Melbourne - today is a truly international release day, with new albums from Morwan and Smarts. I just returned from the pressing plant with Morwan LPs and will start shipping preorders today. The Smarts vinyl is pressed, but the jackets have to be reprinted, so please allow an extra 2-3 weeks for shipment if you preordered a Smarts LP. We should have those at the end of the month, along with the new Feel It tees and totes. If you would like to add anything to an existing, unshipped preorder, simply place another order as a pickup and we'll ship everything together.

In other news, both the Zits LP and Generics 7" reissues sold out within days of being released, so we've got small represses of both ready to offer! More info below. I'll be back on Monday with two or three more exciting reissues to announce and offer for preorder. In the meantime, make sure to tune in to Goner TV later today, where the great Zits mockumentary will be screened, and Alec from Goner interviews me about all things Feel It.
Morwan - Zola-Zemlya LP
Out now on vinyl! The genius second album from Kiev's MORWAN. An original sound that lies at the crossroads of dark, driving post-punk and Arabic/Slavic tradition. 
Stream/download on Bandcamp.
Buy LP - Forest Green vinyl / 150.
Buy LP - Black vinyl / 350.
Smarts - Who Needs Smarts, Anyway?
The debut 13 track speedpunk opus from Melbourne, Australia's SMARTS is also out today! A split release with the great Anti Fade Records handling the Aussie pressing.
Stream/download on Bandcamp.
Buy LP - Red vinyl / 100.
Buy LP - Black vinyl / 300.
Zits LP + Generics 7" repressed!
Both of these early 80's teen punk reissues went FAST so we've got new editions of both. Zits is ready to ship, Generics will be ready around the end of October.
New Arrivals in the distro
One unrelenting quality of 2020 that I can actually stand by is the sheer amount of quality new releases that keep on coming. And it actually seems like more people are buying records than ever before, so as long as that holds up, we'll keep stocking up the distro hits like we always have.

Fresh in stock:
-Gen Pop have finally released their first LP. I may have mentioned that this one would be on Feel It, but plans change and the good folks at PPM did right on it. The production on this album is excellent, pairing mostly new cuts with a couple re-cut versions of EP tracks, closing with a damn catchy Tubeway Army-esque electro punker. It's an interesting listen, interesting packaging too - proving that Gen Pop are still thinking ahead of the curve and have the tunes to back it up. Cool music video too. And if ya still need a copy of the "II" 7" on Feel It, well there's an option to add one with an LP for a measly $3 upcharge :)

-A nice grip of Static Shock releases, including the excellent Clock Of Time LP, featuring a real stellar cast of players (mems. of Diat, Vexx, Useless Eaters) going for a post-punk/deathrock sound that's spot on if you dig the UK classics.

-We just brought in some releases from Italy's Maple Death Records, including the highly recommended 7" single from London's Qlowski. Very in tune with the early Rough Trade sound - I see Sweeping Promises fans really digging this. The Catholic Block CS is a more synthpunk leaning effort from a Qlowski member, and there are a few other curious titles to check out in the store as well.

-Maybe my most-jammed release in this list though - the incredible debut LP from Estonia's Penza Penza. What a hot release. A mostly instrumental funky, psychedelic freakout that casts shades of Sly and the Family Stone, Funkadelic, even leaning harder on the r'n'r foundation for some Zamrock-esque moves. This is great weed music, great indoor music for a funky winter ahead. A really exceptional disc to get in the zone with.

-For the discerning record collectors out there, we managed to come into some original unplayed stock copies of the newly-unearthed Avril single from 1980. Josh at Neon Waste dug this one up - a really standout powerpop burst that's like the Canadian Suzi Quatro with Runaways vibes or somethin'. The B-side ain't too great, but it's accompanied with a hot new pic sleeve and available at a nice price.

-Finally, we printed up some copies of the one-page Australian zine, Is This My World, that features a great interview with Sweeping Promises - available free with any order! (just make sure you add the zine at checkout if you want it). 

That's it for now, but stay tuned for some very exciting new announcements on Monday! -Sam

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