It Thing 7" ~ new Sweeping Promises + Motorbike singles

Howdy folks, back from a fun weekend of release gigs for The Stools - R U Saved? and we've got a new It Thing 7" to announce. Singles from the upcoming Motorbike and Sweeping Promises albums just dropped, and both of those LPs are showing up tomorrow! We've got a ton of preorders to get packed up but are hoping to have everything out by the end of next week.
It Thing - Constant State / P.C.H 7"
(cover art: Charlotte Gigi / photo: Charlie Foster)

Bandcamp - single "Constant State"
Premiere/interview at Paperface Zine
Preorder 7" direct from Feel It

preorders shipping now!
release date: June 23, 2023
Co-released with Marthouse Records (Australia)

Enigmatic four piece It Thing return with a new 7” single, their first release since 2021's ‘Syrup’ LP. Offering two tracks, "Constant State" and "P.C.H.", It Thing deliver on the visceral, raw energy that they left us wanting for. 

Formed in Nipaluna/Hobart’s beloved Brisbane Hotel beer garden in early 2019 over a thirst for classic punk rock - and without much else to do, It Thing's ‘Syrup’ LP saw the then-Tasmanian band explode onto the worldwide underground like a shot in the dark. Emerging from small town obscurity, they delivered a record packed with power pop/proto-punk gold. Gimmie Zine put it best: “Bold, loud, with hook ramming into hook, It Thing deliver 9 tracks that zip by at the speed of light with an inspired cleverness and simplicity.”

As It Thing hammer through their latest single, the endearing simplicity and rawness almost places the listener in the room with the band - or the basement, as it were. Recorded in the basement of the house the songs were written in, frontperson Charlotte Gigi calls it, "A last hurrah for the old It Thing headquarters before the defection." The band have since succumbed to the gravitational pull of Naarm/Melbourne to link up with label mates Dr. Sure’s Unusual Practice, Gut Health, Bench Press, et al.
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new singles from Sweeping Promises + Motorbike
Sweeping Promises - You Shatter
Motorbike - Potential to Ride
premiere + interview at Paperface Zine

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