Freak Genes + Silicone Prairie LPs Out Now + Smirk LP Announced!

Hey folks, lots of news to share on this Bandcamp Friday. There is lots of great music to discover and support today - and on that subject, I was thrilled to contribute a list of personal Bandcamp picks for the latest Undrcurrents' Guide to Bandcamp. We've got two new releases today, as well as some represses, and a new LP to announce. So let's cut straight to it.
Freak Genes - Power Station LP
The 50th Feel It release is out today and I couldn't be more proud of how this one turned out! The custom silver foil stamp really seals the deal on the incredible new LP from the UK's Freak Genes. This album hits on so many of the best qualities of synth punk/wave. Instead of name dropping reference points, how about this playlist of Power Station inspriations that the band curated.

Full album stream/download.

Order Matrix green w/ black swirl vinyl / 150.
Order Black vinyl / 350.
Preorder: Official t-shirts - black or green
Freak Genes - Electric House (Official Music Video)
Silicone Prairie - My Life on the Silicone Prairie LP
Copies of the Silicone Prairie LP have safely landed in Kansas City with the brains behind the record! I really have to give Ian Teeple a round of applause for his work on the Silicone Prairie album. It's not every day that one person can write, record, mix, and master their own album - let alone design all of the packaging and turn out two killer music videos. Speaking of which, there's a brand new video for "Dance to the Beat" (directed by Blair Tramel) which you can watch via Harakiri Diat's channel below.

Full album stream/download.
Order Black vinyl. Color vinyl sold out, sorry! Try Sounds of Subterrania in Europe.

Australian pressing available from Computer Human Records
Silicone Prairie - Dance to the Beat (Official Music Video)
Smarts + Sweeping Promises LP represses
Smarts is back on new orange vinyl - only 100 pressed and going fast.
I picked up the fifth pressing of the Sweeping Promises LP less than a week ago, and it is already gone!But fear not, we have another repress ready to roll later this month with hot new magenta/silver labels.
Smirk - LP announcement
Out March 5 and available to preorder now! Smirk “LP” LP co-released in the UK/EU with
Drunken Sailor Records.
“LP” is the debut album from LA’s Smirk - a new solo project of Nick Vicario, who you’ll know from Public Eye and Crisis Man among others. This Smirk LP is chock full of snotty, slashing punk rock that’ll have yer ears revisiting the Dangerhouse singles and Bloodstains Across California comp. These tunes originally dropped on some small run cassettes in 2020, but we’ve given em a proper mastering job at North London Bomb Factory and pressed em up nice’n’ loud at 45RPM with new artwork from the great Smoking Room. 

Stream the single: Eyes Conversing
Preorders for Blue vinyl/150, Black vinyl/350, and offical Smirk t-shirts available by clicking on the pics below! Make sure to jam the ridiculous TV commercial as well :)
Smirk - LP (TV Commercial)
We'll be back in a couple weeks with another SMIRK single off the LP. Finally, we just received back some previously OOP Feel It titles from a distributor, which are back up on the site & Bandcamp. If you were looking for a Pious Faults LP, Insinuations or Stiff Love 7" single, The Cowboy 7" flexi, or Teenage Cenobite CS, then you're in luck!

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