Corker LP announced • Sweeping Promises on tour now!

Happy August y'all, here with a ton of news to kick off the month. We just released the new Silicone Prairie album which just so happens to be the Bandcamp Album Of The Day! Psyched to announce the debut album from Cincinnati's own Corker. Also have an LP repress and new CD edition of Crime Of Passing's self-titled debut, plus some hefty distro additions from rocky, Hulk Hogan And The Wrestling Boot Band, and Macho Man. Finally, Sweeping Promises begin their US tour today - go see them if you have the chance!
Corker - Falser Truths
(cover art: Robin Roche / single art: Dakota Carlyle)

"Edge Of Teeth" single premiere at Post-Trash
Order LP (250 Natural/500 Black) direct from Feel It
Available on cassette from Future Shock (US) + Urticaria (EU)

release date: September 1, 2023
From a city quickly gaining steam as a minor post-punk mecca, Corker emerge from the Cincinnati underground with their debut full length, 'Falser Truths'. Corker are the proverbial fly in the ointment - soaking up every glorious facet of the past while swirling new thoughts and sounds into one highly engaging debut.

Corker were first introduced to popular consciousness with 2021's 'A Bell That Seems To Mourn' on Cincinnati's own Future Shock Recordings, headed by Dakota Carlyle (Crime Of Passing, The Drin, The Serfs). Following several tours of the Midwest and surrounds, Corker began recording 'Falser Truths' in 2022 - the same year Feel It Records transplanted their operations to Cincinnati. What seems like an almost-inevitable partnership began with Feel It issuing the 'Lice' single just as 2023 arrived. Paired with eight additional tracks recorded and mixed just over the Kentucky line at The Lodge with John Hoffman, 'Falser Truths' is not only intelligent, but bold, charismatic, and free.

There's little restriction to Corker's formula - whether they're lifting latent fingerprints of the post-punk past, rendering landscapes of Industrial wasteland, or bending rhythm and tone with Krautish ambition - the end result is resoundingly original. Genre purists be damned! Corker stand apart from their contemporaries on 'Falser Truths' - an album realized by a fresh set of eyes and ears, driven far beyond the earthly bounds of now.
Crime of Passing - S/T
A new pressing of Crime of Passing's S/T debut from 2022 will be arriving later this month! 300 copies on translucent red vinyl. We also did up a CD version which is shipping now. New material in the works!
Sweeping Promises - US tour starts now!
Sweeping Promises begin the first leg of their world tour to promote Good Living Is Coming For You today. The band also just released a killer live session on their own co-produced/curated channel, Unacceptable Color which should give y'all a great idea of what to expect live!
Sweeping Promises x Unacceptable Color
new in the distro
some hot new arrivals in to kick off the month! lovely debut LP from Australia's rocky (new recording project featuring Xanthe Waite (Terry, Primo) and Raven Mahon (Grass Widow, Green Child) + Hulk and Macho Man LPs + the new Snooper full length on Third Man. 

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