Spared Flesh

Zero Percent APR - Higher and Higher Forever LP

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We invite all members of the collective consciousness to sample this dank ass edible of love, pain, fear, rage, and mercy. All previous works have been horseshit. Our main goal was to make something even worse than the last two albums and still be able to cash in that million-dollar check.

…and we did it! While we pride ourselves on our borderline-violent commitment to DIY, we must admit that we actually fixed our tape machine this time around and got the album mastered! On our ever-pressing quest to get higher, this album delivers a fully-baked collection of tunes that are more than just 420 friendly but 365 days-a-year-friendly – with no emotions too skunky to puff-puff-pass on.

What sets this dime bag apart from our previous releases is its ability to be literally ground, torched, and inhaled by its consumer… no fricking joke – the vinyl is made of pure gorilla glue hemp. It will both figuratively and physically send THC (tetra hydroponic chromiosynthetic) molecules directly through the stoned-to-bone pipeline for an optimal sonic and sensual experience. This album is safe for virgin ears but we plead you exercise caution.

Higher and Higher Forever is sure to be cherrying throughout eternity.

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