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Warm Red "Decades of Breakfast" LP

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Recommended! A child in an elevator with amnesia. At each floor they encounters a new world. In between each floor they forget it all, wailing out to some primitive deity. “Decades of Breakfast” is a ride on this psychic elevator….arriving at different times, in different worlds. Parallel a comedian exists on this elevator, recounting a dream, or are they a comedian? I’m drawn to modern bands working in rock format that sound trapped sloping the tubes of elevation. An amnesiac reference to the fractured era of no wave guitar. An emasculation of noise rock. A tease of country. Toni sound’s like a comedian/serial killer combo that is singing to you in your room. They are informing you of what they are holding in their hand, preparing you for slaughter. You are laughing the entire time. Then you are dead. Back in the elevator. Warm Red broods and always teeters on this scale where you don’t know whether to laugh or cry, fuck or fight…are you asleep or conscious. It’s a very harmonious and zen. Vulnerable and psychotic. Bass and drum to anchor it all. Guitars unraveling, dreaming. Wake up….taught wires reeled back in, vibrating and decaying. Bart Simpson grew up did some acid, found records by The Fall, Scratch Acid, DNA, and UJ3RK5. Went to sleep dreamt tgey were in a band. Woke up on stage immersed in waves of white noise. A bunch of bored motherfuckers, arms crossed looking back at them. Tosses microphone at a punters head and walks off stage.

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