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Traffic Island Sound "Maximal Electronics1.0" LP

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You Know Zak Olsen, there's no doubt you've heard at least on Traffik Island, Hierophants or Frowning Clouds song if you're on this page. But have you heard Maximal Electronics? Probably not and THATS WHAT WE'RE HERE TO CHANGE

Released on 50 cassettes in 2016 by Moontown Records under the name Traffic Island Sounds, this gorgeous slice of dense library influenced synth pieces almost acts as a precursor to Sweat Kollectas Peanut Butter Traffik Jam (released last year on flightless) perhaps being more of an exploration in minimalism and tranquility while keeping Zaks signature blend of humor and melody.

It's a perfect document of Zaks 2016 brain, a look into the mind of an Eno obsessed genius with the ability to infuse melody, lyricism and memorability into his dense soundscapes. And now that it's been newly Remastered by Mikey Young it sounds better than ever. this thing will light your speakers on fire

Under Heat Records is proud to make this our first ever record especially witht the incredible artwork done by Ashley Goodal adorning the sleeve. this will likely be the only time we press this thing so get in or forever live in regret.

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